Sunday + St Kilda + Sun

15 Jan

The weather finally remembered today that it is still summer, so as a true Melbournian I celebrated the day in true Melbourne fashion. With food!

The Loch Ness Monster (LNM) and I started the morning by driving out to the Ashwood Farmers’ Market as the lure of The Brownie Bar was one that he could not resist.

Brownies from The Brownie Bar

Brownie Bar

Not long after taking a photo I snuck in a nibble of each piece and I was not disappointed. There was a value buy that meant 4 different flavours were purchased for a very reasonable price. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I believe they were chocolate, mars, raspberry and triple choc.

Farmers Market Chutney

It was well worth the trip for the brownies alone, however we also purchased from other stalls (after enjoying the fun of free samples) some Hoinsin duck sausages, Mumbai chutney, and tomato relish. I was impressed to see that the sausage vendor produced fructose free sausages, so I was quick to recommend them to a friend with special dietary requirements.


Off we then went for a visit to my Mum’s house so she could give me some birthday gifts. To coincide with the cake decorating course that starts in a few weeks, she gave me some more cake tins and cooling racks. I’m under clear instructions from everyone in my family that it’s time for me to whip up some cakes this year. Being a fan of practical gifts, I have to say that this is one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever gotten.

banana bread

I love to turn up with food or beverages when I visit, and today was no exception. We enjoyed some toasted banana bread and some hot tea for some brunch/morning tea. I picked up the loaf yesterday from an IGA in Hawthorn for $10. Considering how lovely it tasted, and how much I’ve paid for 1 slice in a cafe, I felt this was excellent value.

Loch Ness Monster

The LNM is training to compete in Tough Mudder when it comes to Melbourne at the end of March, so he has begun training with great vigour and has run over 30km, and cycled 10 km this week after work.

To mix things up today we went down to St Kilda so he could run on the sand and in the water to push himself a little harder (he later calculated that he ended up running another 10km today).


This meant that I could happily wander around Fitzroy and Acland Street for a few hours and enjoy my own company. Pan fried vegetarian dumplings were munched away whilst reading the paper, and watching the world walk by as I sat outside for what felt like a peaceful eternity.

Acland Street bakery
Acland Street bakery
Acland Street bakery
Acland Street bakery

A trip to Acland Street would not be complete without drooling over the showcase displays of the European cake stores. I wasn’t looking for sweets so my eyes did all the eating.


Long queues however were coming out of every ice-cream and gelati store in town, leaving me wondering what I was missing out on. Short on time I grabbed a convenience store favourite and enjoyed some Milo ice-cream.

The Loch Ness Monster and I met at our rendezvous point not long after and made the trek home for a protein shake, and to reminisce on what turned out to be a great Sunday afternoon.

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