Midweek lazy dinner

19 Jan


I’m the first to admit that at the end of a tiring day at work, I am often too burned out to even think about cooking. It’s far too easy to call for some pizza to be home delivered, even more so when your local joint does EFTPOS at the door!

So my lazy solution tonight was to have a lazy Indian style dinner. I stay far away from the pseudo-Indian foods found in Australian supermarkets, and instead visit India At Home to pick up supplies.


Having a rice cooker do all the work for me is a great way to have perfect fluffy rice every time, which presents well on the plate. While you don’t have to lash out and buy one as expensive as mine, I do recommend it as I have found the levers that are on the cheap ones (the kind you see in department stores for $30) break quickly if you use the machine frequently.

The cheap ones are a good way to see if you like using them, then you can always upgrade if the machine breaks.

I’ve had this machine for over 5 years and it is by far the longest lasting, and best machine I’ve ever had. I’m a sucker for the gadgetry of it, and the carry handle.

TIP 1: Cook more rice than you need and pack into Chinese take-away style containers that are easily bought from the supermarket. Pop them in the freezer for future lazy dinners like fried rice or stir-fry. A few minutes in the microwave and it’s ready to go.


The last time I went to India At Home, I took a risk and decided to grab a pre-made paratha from the frozen section. Clearly it looks nothing like the picture.
All I needed was some bread to dip into the chutney I bought at the farmers market the other day, so the frozen paratha was perfect for that purpose.

In hindsight I would have preferred to buy some fresh roti or naan. If I didn’t have an electric stovetop I would make my own flatbreads over the gas flame, as I have had success making naan at home in the past.

Part of me wishes I could cave in and go to Sahni’s for some palak paneer and the best bhaji I have EVER had, however this was a close 2nd place.

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