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27 Jan

For the first time ever I decided to host a small Australia Day affair at my house this week.


The idea was a last minute one and was completely based around my friend wanting to see my KitchenAid mixer in action.

My main goal was to whip up a pavlova for the first time, which is a daunting task at best!


Thankfully on the day I was up at the crack of dawn with a crazy amount of energy. Without this the pav could have been a tragedy due to needing it to cool in the oven for a lengthy period of time.

old frittata

As usual I made one of my famous frittatas, which disappeared too quickly to photograph so the above pic is one that I’ve made in the last month.

Frittata tips

1 Invest in a really high quality pan, this is the time to splurge a little.
2 Whisk the eggs till there are lots of bubbles. Bubbles = fluffy frittata
3 Take your time, put the heat on low, sprinkle with parmesan, put the heat on and walk away for at least 20 minutes.

I learnt a great technique for cooking sausages on the day which really helped this little vegetarian. A Jamie Oliver website suggested getting a flat baking tray lined with baking paper, then place a wire rack on top (I used my cooling racks), then space out the sausages. They cooked at 200 degrees Celcius for approximately 20 minutes.

I can’t personally vouch for the flavour, but it was a really effective way of cooking a large amount of sausages without a barbecue.


For all the usual nom noms there was a delectable cheese platter, with camembert and triple cream brie that had everyone going back for more, bhuja mix, peanuts, pistachios, and corn chips.


Clearly the food and company were too great to remember to picture everything, but at least I remembered the brownies and vanilla cake.


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