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29 Jan

Visiting USA Foods has long been a favourite pastime of mine. Having visited the land of the free many times since my Dad moved over there, I have developed a love of iced tea mixes.

On my annual pilgrimage to Moorabbin to stock up on said iced tea mix, I was gob smacked at the size of their new store. So gob smacked in fact that I bought more things than I had planned on due to the frivolity of the situation.


Having such temptations in the cupboard was proving to be all too much for The Loch Ness Monster. So much so that I have found myself being greeted on weekends, not with a ‘Hello’, not with a ‘Good morning’.

No. Lately I have been greeted in the morning with one simple word.



So I caved in on Saturday and decided to make what I call a ‘whole PAN-cake’ as an homage to the lovely Joe’s Garage banana pancake, which I must say was a game-changer for me in the world of pancakes.

The cooking process was very similar to how I make a frittata, so the task was not overly daunting. The only part that worried me was wondering how to flip it without ruining the whole thing.

Some delicate flipping into a pan of equal size saved the day, and as always I recommend a high quality pan, cooking on a low heat, and walking away to let it do some magic on its own.


I was so pleased with how light and fluffy the whole thing was.
Like when cooking a frittata, lots of bubbles = fluffy results.


Due to prodding from The Loch Ness Monster I found myself purchasing some ice cream as a treat this weekend.

Kicking and screaming the whole way to the supermarket – I swear!

I use the term ‘treat’ because this is something you would not purchase to share with ANYONE.
Partly because of the price, but mostly because of the flavours that you want to savour for an eternity.


I had no idea what burnt fig would taste like, but had a feeling that this would be the ice cream to end ALL ice creams. If I didn’t realise it enough before, I made a silent promise to myself that I need to visit Adelaide to see what else Maggie Beer has to offer at her store.

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