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Testing The Oven For Hot Spots

After having a few mishaps with my oven recently I decided to experiment and find the hot spots.


After employing some google-fu, I was inspired to do a toast test. So I bought some cheap white bread at the supermarket today for $1.00.

Not wanting to waste perfectly good food, I decided to use a pastry brush to lightly coat the bread with melted butter to make croutons at the same time.


I had to remove 2 of the slices due to how quickly they were cooking compared to the rest of the oven, which is exactly the type of result I was expecting.


As well as enjoying a tasty salad I was happy to learn a little along the way, and to feel like I am finally starting to understand how to cook with an electric oven.

At the end of this experience I believe that I am now a little older and a little wiser, and better equipped to bake tasty morsels for my friends and workmates.

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Roasted Chickpeas!!!

I had chickpeas on the brain recently and decided to employ my google-fu and find something tasty to eat.

The end result was a party in my mouth to say the very least.

To customise the recipe to my own taste I raided my herb collection to use salt, pepper, chili flakes and  cumin seeds.

I would definitely serve this up to guests and with a crisp cleaning tasting beer or a refreshing pear cider, possibly followed by some barbecued corn with herbed butter.

If you are reading this and are in my social circle you have lots to look forward to in the not too distant future.

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Ugly Food Never Looked So Good

Sometimes the dishes with the best flavours are the ones that would not necessarily make it on to the cover of a food styling magazine.


That does not mean that these dishes are treasured any less than the ones that plate up like food royalty.

It simply means that we need to learn to embrace the “ugly” foods that taste oh so good.

The cous cous dish that I whipped up last night had a fantastic Middle Eastern quality that had the office drooling when I had leftovers for lunch today.


At the start of the week I found myself going retro and learning how to make chocolate mousse. Whilst I will definitely be using better ingredients than compound chocolate next time, I was really happy with the results.

The consistency of the mousse was an absolute delight and I plan on making this again.


Not wanting to waste any leftovers from a mexican bean dip the other night (yes the same one seen a few posts back! It has become a frequent crowd pleaser now) I whipped up an omelette and served it with the bean dip and a dollop of sour cream.

All of these dishes tasted fantastic – so get cracking with your own “ugly” foods and enjoy them for the urban gastronimical delights that they truly are!

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A visual feast

So my editor (The Loch Ness Monster) is out jogging with friends so I found myself inspired to do a visual post.








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Sweet Treats With Sweet Friends

As a follow up to the ‘Pork Belly Man Date’, I decided to go out for some sweet treats with some sweet friends.

I did receive a late invitation to attend the man date this week, however I politely declined so I could instead spend some time with the girls.


We did consume other lovely treats of the savoury variety, however at Zimt it is ALWAYS about the sweets.


Photos can only do so much justice, so I suggest that anyone reading this needs to get into their car and drive there quick smart!

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Food Blogs Keep Us Creative

Super Bowl Foods: Mexican Mess Bean Dip.

I recently discovered Recipes, Recipes, Recipes where I spotted their Super Bowl post featuring a mexican bean dip, and quickly decided that I needed to get into the kitchen to make my own.



  • Instead of refried beans I pan fried some red kidney beans with some onions in taco sauce
  • Skipped the salsa
  • Omitted the green chilies
  • Just before placing in the oven I added some spring onion, as well as tomatoes from the garden

The food was amazing, and Loch Ness Monster thought it was out of this world in the flavour department and made me promise to make this again. (No problems there!)

With food blogs, cooking shows or cookbooks, there is a big possibility of expanding ones imagination as to what they can whip up in the kitchen.

Inspiration to cook can come from the lunches belonging to your colleagues at work, or eyeing off the dish belonging to the table sitting next to you when you go out for dinner.

My advice?
DO look for inspiration everywhere.
DO try new things.
DO break away from recipes and modify them to your own tastes.

You never know how amazing a cook you can be unless you try something new and challenging.

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Food With Friends – Part 3

As a gesture of my affection towards the departing ‘W’ from work this week, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to bake some goodies for the office.

The idea being that the food would sit on his desk and give everyone the chance to say goodbye to him, and enjoy a few tasty morsels at the same time.

I was lucky enough to have all the supplies on-hand to make my killer shortbread recipe that was handed down to me by my Mum. Unlike most shortbreads it is moist and doesn’t crumble away, largely due to the fact that it does not contain rice flour.

The recipe calls for the mixture to be rolled out and cut into shapes, however this was a disaster the last time I attempted it. I have now found that rolling the mixture into tiny balls and flattening with a fork works an absolute treat.


Trialed for the first time was a basic sponge cake recipe. I was a little nervous to bake it for fear that it would be too “eggy”, however a dollop of butter cream frosting ensured that it was the perfect sweet treat.


The real hero of the day were the 2 vanilla cakes with butter cream frosting. One of the girls in the office who is normally quite health conscious kept coming back for more and more and more of it.
At times she was tempted just to lick the frosting off the cake!

Tip of the day: Cut cakes into bite sized party squares and watch everyone come over several times for “just a little bit”.

It helps alleviate the food guilt, and the food practically walks off the plate.

The feedback on the food was positive as always, and has provided me with inspiration to organise a red food day at work.

I have already begun plotting with all the workplace foodies to run such an event on Valentine’s Day.

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