Food With Friends – Part 3

04 Feb

As a gesture of my affection towards the departing ‘W’ from work this week, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to bake some goodies for the office.

The idea being that the food would sit on his desk and give everyone the chance to say goodbye to him, and enjoy a few tasty morsels at the same time.

I was lucky enough to have all the supplies on-hand to make my killer shortbread recipe that was handed down to me by my Mum. Unlike most shortbreads it is moist and doesn’t crumble away, largely due to the fact that it does not contain rice flour.

The recipe calls for the mixture to be rolled out and cut into shapes, however this was a disaster the last time I attempted it. I have now found that rolling the mixture into tiny balls and flattening with a fork works an absolute treat.


Trialed for the first time was a basic sponge cake recipe. I was a little nervous to bake it for fear that it would be too “eggy”, however a dollop of butter cream frosting ensured that it was the perfect sweet treat.


The real hero of the day were the 2 vanilla cakes with butter cream frosting. One of the girls in the office who is normally quite health conscious kept coming back for more and more and more of it.
At times she was tempted just to lick the frosting off the cake!

Tip of the day: Cut cakes into bite sized party squares and watch everyone come over several times for “just a little bit”.

It helps alleviate the food guilt, and the food practically walks off the plate.

The feedback on the food was positive as always, and has provided me with inspiration to organise a red food day at work.

I have already begun plotting with all the workplace foodies to run such an event on Valentine’s Day.

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