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07 Feb

Super Bowl Foods: Mexican Mess Bean Dip.

I recently discovered Recipes, Recipes, Recipes where I spotted their Super Bowl post featuring a mexican bean dip, and quickly decided that I needed to get into the kitchen to make my own.



  • Instead of refried beans I pan fried some red kidney beans with some onions in taco sauce
  • Skipped the salsa
  • Omitted the green chilies
  • Just before placing in the oven I added some spring onion, as well as tomatoes from the garden

The food was amazing, and Loch Ness Monster thought it was out of this world in the flavour department and made me promise to make this again. (No problems there!)

With food blogs, cooking shows or cookbooks, there is a big possibility of expanding ones imagination as to what they can whip up in the kitchen.

Inspiration to cook can come from the lunches belonging to your colleagues at work, or eyeing off the dish belonging to the table sitting next to you when you go out for dinner.

My advice?
DO look for inspiration everywhere.
DO try new things.
DO break away from recipes and modify them to your own tastes.

You never know how amazing a cook you can be unless you try something new and challenging.

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