Ugly Food Never Looked So Good

22 Feb

Sometimes the dishes with the best flavours are the ones that would not necessarily make it on to the cover of a food styling magazine.


That does not mean that these dishes are treasured any less than the ones that plate up like food royalty.

It simply means that we need to learn to embrace the “ugly” foods that taste oh so good.

The cous cous dish that I whipped up last night had a fantastic Middle Eastern quality that had the office drooling when I had leftovers for lunch today.


At the start of the week I found myself going retro and learning how to make chocolate mousse. Whilst I will definitely be using better ingredients than compound chocolate next time, I was really happy with the results.

The consistency of the mousse was an absolute delight and I plan on making this again.


Not wanting to waste any leftovers from a mexican bean dip the other night (yes the same one seen a few posts back! It has become a frequent crowd pleaser now) I whipped up an omelette and served it with the bean dip and a dollop of sour cream.

All of these dishes tasted fantastic – so get cracking with your own “ugly” foods and enjoy them for the urban gastronimical delights that they truly are!

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