How To Make Perfect Dumplings

04 Mar

Step 1: The Filling


Make a mixture that tempts your taste buds. For me it was just like my favourite vegetarian dumplings at San Yuan Chinese restaurant in Dandenong. A pumpkin mash with fried onion, 1 teaspoon butter, salt and pepper to taste.

Step 2: The Dumpling Press


Use a really awesome dumpling press. My friend Ted* bought hers from The General Trader, I bought mine from Daiso for $2.80. In fact I bought 2 so that things could get done faster.

    * Not HER real name

Step 3: The Dough

Decide on whether you want to buy pre-made wontons from the supermarket, or if you want to make your own.

The Loch Ness Monster used to work as the dough maker at a pizza shop in high school (this is where we met), so he happily volunteered to make the dough.

Step 4: Most Important

Use only REALLY small amounts of mixture in your dumpling, and follow the instructions on the box that you bought on how to seal your dumplings.

Step 5: Dumpling Heaven

Make lots of dumplings!!!!


Step 6: Quality Check


Check that all of the dumplings are properly sealed and do not have any tears in the pastry.

Step 7: Leftover Storage


Since I made a large amount of dumplings I decided to store some in the freezer to make dinner on a work night.

I used a small plate and made layers of 6 dumplings at a time, topping each layer with baking paper and then wrapping tightly with cling film (caterers cling film is preferred as it holds better).

The main thing you want to make sure is that there is no air coming in so that you don’t get freezer burn.
Pop it in a snap lock bag as well if you are worried.

Step 8: Cooking and Eating

The most important part of the process is of course cooking and eating your dumplings.

You can boil or steam them, however we have been boiling them with great results.

Serve with a side of rice and dipping sauce – I’m a sucker for kecap manis personally.

Step 9: Use This Recipe Often

You will impress the crowds at parties, or just impress yourself on a weeknight when all you have to do is come home, pop on the rice cooker (a mandatory household item), and drop some dumplings in boiling water.

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