Desperately Seeking Hollandaise

18 Mar

A truly good hollandaise is a thing of beauty. Yet I’ve recently realised that very few places that I frequent can execute a palatable one, and that they do not taste what they send out.

My workplace local has given me two different types recently and neither were the real deal, and a suburban cafe yesterday gave me something that resembled a citrus sauce.

Desperation lead me to try and learn a cheat recipe using a blender (recipe for disaster) which ended up being a buttery, citrus mess.
I should have known to run away from a recipe where the unit of measurement for butter was in ‘sticks’ rather than in grams.

I am determined to continue my hunt for a truly tasty hollandaise, even if it means that I have to have a few more kitchen disasters at home.

If any of my friends reading this knows of a killer recipe, please send it my way!

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