Shirt and Skirt Market – Abbotsford Convent At Its Finest

21 Mar

I recently found myself pleasantly surprised to find that I work with the lovely Binh Rey who founded the Shirt and Skirt Market at the Abbotsford Convent.

Being pay week, I happily wandered along with the Loch Ness Monster and Ted.

We came for the dresses but stayed for the food and art projects around the place.


Mixing food with art made for a few chuckles that took me back to the days of hanging out with the artsy crowd in high school.


We had a neo-dada wall that was constantly evolving into fun things like these.


I would love to have met the creative type that came up with this work. Sadly I did not catch the name of the artist.


This foosball table was a stroke of genius!!!


To close off a lovely visit to the convent we visited Lentil As Anything which proved to be a successful move.

EVERYTHING to eat there was a food party in my mouth with everyone invited.

Watching the lady out the front make handmade dumplings was so much fun, and eating them was even more enjoyable.

Lets just say that after this experience it will not be hard to drag me back again to spend some of my hard-earned.

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