Tough Mudder

After months of training the Loch Ness monster is only hours away from competing in Tough Mudder.

The 1 bedroom apartment we booked turned out to be a 2 bedroom, so Ted will be driving down in ‘The Wasp’ to join us for our 2nd night on the island.

Sadly the food we had last night, whilst being awesomely free, was not photo worthy. As far as microwave pub grub goes it wasn’t too bad though.

Loch Ness Monster is holding out for the buffet breakfast tomorrow, so with any luck there may be a few photos.

We had a few food adventures last week that require blogging.

In good news my new camera arrived this week so I am looking forward to getting into higher quality photos.

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Keeping a well stocked supply of baking stuffs means that my mind is often dreaming up things to make.

I had read somewhere recently that I could make chocolate truffles with a ganache made from dark chocolate and cream.

Once the ganache is made and cooled down it can be rolled into truffles or whipped into frosting.


When I tested the ganache after a trip to the market I realised that I should opt to whip it into frosting for a cake.


What resulted was a tasty treat that will be used for future cooking adventures.

The Loch Ness Monster was VERY happy to have this afternoon treat with a cup of coffee and some quality time with me. THIS is how happy memories are formed.

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Shirt and Skirt Market – Abbotsford Convent At Its Finest

I recently found myself pleasantly surprised to find that I work with the lovely Binh Rey who founded the Shirt and Skirt Market at the Abbotsford Convent.

Being pay week, I happily wandered along with the Loch Ness Monster and Ted.

We came for the dresses but stayed for the food and art projects around the place.


Mixing food with art made for a few chuckles that took me back to the days of hanging out with the artsy crowd in high school.


We had a neo-dada wall that was constantly evolving into fun things like these.


I would love to have met the creative type that came up with this work. Sadly I did not catch the name of the artist.


This foosball table was a stroke of genius!!!


To close off a lovely visit to the convent we visited Lentil As Anything which proved to be a successful move.

EVERYTHING to eat there was a food party in my mouth with everyone invited.

Watching the lady out the front make handmade dumplings was so much fun, and eating them was even more enjoyable.

Lets just say that after this experience it will not be hard to drag me back again to spend some of my hard-earned.

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St Patrick’s Day Madness!!!

One of the true joys of my job is the event planning side of things.
I think of it as HR-lite to keep the natives happy, which has the flow on effect of making me happy.

In every job that I have ever had I always put on food days, morning teas, farewells, birthdays etcetera.
My current job is no exception.

In fact my boss encourages it which just makes him all the more awesome.

He likes to encourage me to buy mille feuille on a regular basis for the office, and recently asked for me to cater our Friday afternoon company meetings.

So as you can imagine he gets extra super brownie points with me.


So when I realised that St Patrick’s day was coming up I decided to amp up some excitement with the food lovers at work to bring in something green to share.


Getting a slushie machine from Daiquiri King was a move that proved popular on the day. The green apple mix kept everyone on a happy sugar high for the day.


There were many contenders for the best food of the day but this mousse cake took out the prize.


Green food dye can make a regular butter cake look VERY scary I decided.


I loved these green chocolate crackles that took me back to my childhood.


The homemade dip was a crowd pleaser with many people asking who made it.


I whipped up some mini quiches and a frittata which did not last very long.


Always nice to have a savoury option which was whipped up by one of my colleagues who I have dubbed as the afternoon tea Queen of the office.


The cupcakes rolled in jelly and coconut were absolutely delightful.


Zucchini and carrot slice with a slightly engineered four leaf clover.


Green tea cakes looked oh-so-pretty in heart shapes.


I adored these little cheesecakes with a dusting of green tea powder.


Overall it was a fun filled day with a vast array of food to show off the many talents of the amazing people that I work with.

I hope everyone else had a great St Patrick’s Day.

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Yum Cha Heaven

So with some lovely friends in tow I had my first adventure in Yum Cha since I was about 6 years old.  Some would say 20-something years without Yum Cha is a travesty, and I would have to agree with them!

We decided on visiting Gold Leaf chinese restaurant in Burwood East on a recommendation from one of the group.


We went to the 11am session on a Saturday morning and thankfully I had the good sense to book a table in advance. When I arrived I found that the car park was close to full, with many people running inside when the doors opened.

I was completely mesmerised by the decor and general atmosphere of the restaurant, I simply could not wait for my friends to arrive!


One of the people in the group found that he was quite excited whenever the food came past so the options on the lazy susan were constantly changing.


I was scared that there would be scant options in the vegetarian department, so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that I could order additional items that weren’t on the trolleys, and that there were a few options floating around the place anyway.


My happy moments of the meal were the abundance of jasmine tea, chinese custard doughnuts, and the chinese egg tart. Anyone would think that I like custard…..


I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and amazing an experience Yum Cha could be, and decided that this would be a great option to take my Mum out for mother’s day this year.

In fact I am looking for any opportunity to visit this place again and I hope it does not take another 20 years to have Yum Cha again.

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Desperately Seeking Hollandaise

A truly good hollandaise is a thing of beauty. Yet I’ve recently realised that very few places that I frequent can execute a palatable one, and that they do not taste what they send out.

My workplace local has given me two different types recently and neither were the real deal, and a suburban cafe yesterday gave me something that resembled a citrus sauce.

Desperation lead me to try and learn a cheat recipe using a blender (recipe for disaster) which ended up being a buttery, citrus mess.
I should have known to run away from a recipe where the unit of measurement for butter was in ‘sticks’ rather than in grams.

I am determined to continue my hunt for a truly tasty hollandaise, even if it means that I have to have a few more kitchen disasters at home.

If any of my friends reading this knows of a killer recipe, please send it my way!

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New posts coming soon

So my new camera is on the way and should arrive any day now.

Taking photos on my phone just has not felt the same in the last week!

At work tomorrow we will be celebrating St Patrick’s day so there will be some happy snaps to post.

A recent yum cha experience might make an appearance soon as well…..

Till then – enjoy some fun food with friends, or simply try cooking something that you have never attempted before.

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